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Galaxy tab s4- how to disable screen turn off when the keyboard comes off.


No, your right. It is a downer that this feature wasn't implemented. Sadly, challenging the vendor wont do any good, as thos matter has been brought to the attention of Samsung themselves, and they said nothing would be done. If you have a better way of interacting with the software team behind the tab, let me know. This thread was first to address if it was possible to remove the keyboard cover without it turning off the screen. So my response was to a random. I think it is possible, and I know they were unwilling based off of this forum. Maybe if there were multiple forums on this topic they would add that option, would you be willing to help me out?


Would you be allowed to give us the response of the team you contacted? I'm curious on what they have to say.


Also I would like to apologize for my response as it was for a different thread. I do my typing if I'm at home on grammarly and I copy paste my response to a forum, i was responding to someone who brought up if it was possible to find magnetic tape thin enough to place on the flap unnoticed, and since I find responses to threads in my email, yours was the most recent one and I pasted that response under this thread, my bad.

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 It's been 5 months since you've added a request, is there any updates?


I still have to turn on the tablet again every time I disconnect from the keyboard to write down or draw something (on the same document). I wish it were more seamless... Please make it happen... Please...


The man who helped me said that he checked with the team twice and there's nothing they are willing to do at the moment. Something about software and UI? What helps me, is when switching to Dex mode or tablet mode I remove the keyboard during that process, as it doesn't turn off the screen. Every now and then if I'm lucky I'll remove the keyboard while holding down the alt button ( any button would do.) and the screen doesn't turn off.

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@The_Kangaroo: Their response was:


This is a concept design, there are no plans to implement this suggestion at the moment. We appreciate it, looking forward to the next one.”


Which was pretty much what DannyT relayed earlier in the thread.


When I followed it up, my contact confirmed that it was the same concept for the Tab S4 as for the Tab S3.


Not much to go on for our contacts or for us, sadly.


“Concept design” translates as the overall design ethos/intention that the product was originally made with - and that the developers like to keep to (both in a hardware and software sense). Not entirely sure what the advantage of a permanent screen auto-switch off when the keyboard is unplugged would be though. 


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