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Galaxy tab s4- how to disable screen turn off when the keyboard comes off.

DannyT Moderator

Hi all, 


We have just had word back from our colleagues at HQ. It appears this is a concept design, and unfortunately, there are currently no plans to implement this suggestion at the moment.


They have taken this feedback on board, however, and appreciate all feedback sent through. 


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So removing keyboard from the tablet turns the screen off and it can't be changed. So we have to put up with it because Samsung can't be bothered to change it. On a Very Premium priced product, this should be achievable, so Very Disappointed.

First Poster

This is a pretty unacceptable response from Samsung for a $650 tablet + $150 keyboard.

As someone who frequently switches between using the keyboard and the tablet, this is extremely annoying to the point it makes the tablet unenjoyable to use at times. This is a really poor design for an otherwise fantastic tablet. Really hope Samsung reconsiders this feature; otherwise, I will be going with the iPad next time.

Dude people are bummed out that such an easy feature to implement ain't there. Can you bother them again? People are getting all "I'm going to switch to apple"
AntS Moderator

I did ask again for you guys... because I thought it would be quite a useful feature too. However, the answer remains the same for the time being.


Given the wording of their response to us, I'm sure there's some kind of good reasoning that lies behind the developers' thinking here; in terms of overall product design concept and how that carries through to the user interface, for example.


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