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Galaxy Watch Calendar App Too Basic


Can the Galaxy Watch Calendar App really only open on today's date? How do I look for my appointments in February 2019?


It still the same problem. Have you found any solution?

No, it seems to store approx 3 weeks of appointments but you can't jump in at a given date. You have to start at the top of the list :(

Please contact me so we file a case to Samsung support team.

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Tap on the calendar for details, then you can scroll thru days with events. What i really wish it would do is highlight days with events on the main calendar, the let one jump directly to any event. Third party apps can do this, Samsung should be able to


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Mines is the same so must be a design issue... I can scroll forward months but click on a date and it reverts back to today..  it will however allow you to scroll throu a couple of weeks but no good for looking to far into your calender 

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