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Galaxy Watch: Bug - WiFi setting changes itself to "Always On" or "Always Off" when it was on auto and watch is restarted


Problem: WiFi setting automatically changed itself from "Auto" to "Always On". I just tried to replicate it again and this time it changed itself to "Always Off"


How to replicate:


  1. Ensure watch has a WiFi network configured and set its WiFi setting to "Auto". 
  2. Power it off
  3. Power it back on again
  4. Check the WiFi setting

Anything else of note: When originally setting up WiFi on the watch I did set the watch temporarily to "Always On" so I could make it connect to my WiFi network just to try it out. After that, I set it back to Auto and didn't touch it again.

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On mine it changes the Wifi setting from off to on automatically (well, without touching the settings ...). That is even worse.


After the latest update this is still an issue. Could someone look into it please as it's really annoying. I occasionally have to restart this watch due to other bugs (such as the heart rate monitor no longer working) and every time the WiFi setting changes itself. My guess is that it sets itself to whatever the connection state was when it was powered off, rather than keeping itself on auto if that's what it was set to.

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Hi @ConcreteLlama.


Our developer was unable to reproduce this one at their end. Is this issue still happening for you? If so, are you able to use the Members app to send an error report and log files their way?


(For anyone else out there experiencing the same issue, please do the same.)


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I don't have this problem.

I have another one. Sometime I loose my wifi. The watch try to connect the WiFi but It can't. To use again the WiFi I have to forget the WiFi and connect it again with the password and it's work again.

Does somedody have the problem?

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I have the same problem like IMS81888. Is anyone solved this problem?


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