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Galaxy Watch 46mm not tracking hr.


I've tried switching frequency to automatic measure but still no hr being measured. 

The green flickering light on back of watch us no longer coming on.  

What's happening here? 

If no response then I'm afraid I'll have to return it fit still faulty/an issue

AndrewL Moderator
Hi @Sham2

If you open S Health via the apps menu > rotate the bezel to scroll to Heart Rate > Tap the 3 dots to the right of the 'Measure' option > Tap the cog symbol > Select 'Always' from the list of Auto HR Settings, does this resolve your issue. Similarly, if you tap Measure at the main HR Monitor screen, do you get any errors or is it unresponsive?



Yeah tried that but unresponsive and no green tracing light. 


Ended up rebooting the watch...reboot works wonders.  Got it working again. 


Still not ideal...the HR tracking issue has been outstanding for months now unfortunately.  

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I had the same problem. I turned off and then turned on and it worked.

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