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Galaxy Watch 46mm not showing incoming calls

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Hello. I've recently got the Galaxy Watch 46mm, and it does almost everything I want apart from it's not letting me know when I have incoming calls or text alerts. I can make calls from the watch so I know it's connected, but not seeing phone calls or texts is a bit inconvenient!


I don't know if it's the watch or my phone not working with the watch - I use a OnePlus5 (battery power is a must for me!) - but I was wondering if anyone else had come across this one?


Thanks in advance.

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Clear cache in recovery on your mobile phone it worked for me i have the same phone.

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I got a similar problem for the same there a solution?

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This worked for me ....

Go to the Galaxy Wearable App ... Notifications ... Show while using phone - ensure this is selected

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Thanks !

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This setting is already on on my phone. However it did not work for me. Any other solution you are aware of?
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Try this for a Samsung galaxy S8 mobile ....


Galaxy Wearable App ... Notifications.... manage notifications .... ensure 'incoming call' is selected. 

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