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Exercise tracking for Gear S3

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Is there any way track an circuit training exercise using the Gear S3? 


I have tried the 'other workout' option but it doesn't seem to track my pulse rate and therefore comes up with a generic value for the calories burnt. I used to have a Microsoft Band 2 that reliably tracked the exercise and showed differences between a cardio heavy workout and a strength heavy workout.

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Hi Iridium2107. Smiley Happy


Which app are you using? 




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Hi AntS


I am using the S-Health app on the Gear S3 and the S Health app on my S7 Edge. I tried to use the circuit training app on my phone and linked the phone to a Garmin Heart Rate Monitor, but this gave a very low calory reading of 356kcal. I was typically getting 600 - 700kcals recorded for a similar routine using my old Microsoft Band 2. The Gear S3 in 'Other Workout' mode for the same session recorded 571kcal, which I feel was still a bit low.



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Our Gear S3 only measures heart rates when it is static in order to get an accurate reading.


This would mean your heart rate wouldn't be measured during excessive movement of the watch.


We hope this helps!



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So I got a spanking new gear s3 however, I'm concerned by the way the heart rate monitor works, or doesn’t in my case. I set the watch up to track a basic work out today, I expected the HR monitor to start up and track during my work out to get an accurate calorie burn number however, it didn’t start to track and I see no way to engage it manually (or even access it via 3rd party app on the phone like you can with other HR monitors). Is there a way to have the heart rate monitor on continuously during a work out to track HR zones, rates and calories, particularly during weight training sessions?


I had to resort to using a different heart rate monitor and had to use UA record on my phone to track this. I have s-health synced to myfitnesspal also, the watch didn’t detect any work out automatically and also didn’t show my increased heart rate during my session either ,so clearly an issue and ultimately cause myfitnesspal to show a large negative adjustment which isn’t correct. If I turn off negative adjustment on MFP, I then it shows a higher calorie burn inaccurately, due to the fact the s3 show a low step burn during my work out, and UA record shows a work out calorie burn!


Long winded but I hope it all makes sense. The solution is to track my work out session using the gear s3, not my 3rd party HR monitor and UA record, but I can’t do this without the heart rate monitor on the s3 firing up! Please tell me this is possible or it’s a bit of a wasted purchase, and I have concerns that the issue will not be fixed even when UA apps come to the S3.


A bit pointless having a heart rate monitor if I can't use it during work outs isnt it?

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I got it to work by changing by workout type to "running".

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Still stuck for a decent workout. Again, it's frustrating that the watch has the capabilities but doesn't have the software, and I'm not sure we can write our own workouts for the S3. 


Basically, I do Crossfit which for all practical purposes could be tracked as "calisthenics" or "weight training." 


* When I use "other", it doesn't track heart rate and simply guesses calories based on time and the effort you input 

* When I use "pilates", it tracks heart rate (great) but the calories are obviously computed as a function of time, so I don't get an accurate calorie burn - doesn't matter if my heart rate is 120 bpm or 160 bpm it still shows the same burn

* When I use "run" and turn of location and auto-pause, it tracks heart rate (great) but I'm assuming the calories now are a function of distance, and since I don't go very far again I get under-reported calories. 


I really just need an "other" that tracks heart rate and auto-adjusts calories based on effort expended. "Weight-lifting" or "calisthenics" would be even better. 

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I am facing the same problem here and i really wish to measure the burned Kcal of my bodybuilding program :/

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Hi Jess,


When I'm working out with weights the watch can record my heart rate when I'm resting or moving to another machine. There's a lot of non-excessive movement periods during weight training, cross-fit and circuit training where the watch can measure my heartrate. My Fitbit Surge managed (and still can) track the majority of my workouts with great success and fairly accurate data.


I'm a bit irritated that I can't get a proper caloric and heart rate record from my Gear S3.


Please give us the option to record Other exercises with a heart rate and estimated calory count based on effort.


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I have the same problem. The health tracker is just not ready for prime time. Their is a lot I like about this product but the health tracking is a deal breaker. It broke my heart to have to order another Fitbit but I'm afraid the Gear 3 is going back. Fitbits are not built like the Gear 3 and fall apart fast.

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