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Bring back Surround Shot!

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Had the in-camera app "Surround Shot" on my s6. It was very clever, simple and one of those show-off features that have convinced friends to move from iPhone to Samsung. How can you just remove a feature like that? If it's because you want people to buy your 360 camera you haven't thought it through... Samsung gear is an expensive niche product that you can't compare with a free simple app. Bring the app back and convince us once again that you can listen to your loyal customers.

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+1. I have Samsung 360 camera, but c'mon, I won't take it with me unless I'll be 100% sure I'll need it today.

AndrewL Moderator
@Kairos: If you are referring to Android Pie/S10 models then the Camera does have Panorama mode which allows for a 360 degree horizontal capture of a given scene. This might not be exactly what your after, and I know it can be frustrating to lose a feature you enjoyed, however it is certainly an option to consider. Alternatively check out the Play Store as there a few third party apps that meet your needs.
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Horizontal panorama != surround shot. Actually it's even possible to install surround shot app from the Galaxy Store on the Android Pie device. It just doesn't show up in the camera menu.

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