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App badge notifications show double the amount

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Hi All,

For a while now my S9+ has been showing double the amount of new notifications for messages as double. Was doing it with what's app aswell but that appears to have stopped.

Can anyone help? New Android 9 software update doesn't seem to have fixed it either. 


MasukaH Moderator

Hello @Mlady !


Hope you're having a great Sunday! Have a go at rebooting your phone, you can also try Safe Mode to see if disabling third party apps changes anything! Here's a link for some steps! 




First Poster
Thanks once in safe mode how do I check for third party apps? Only not sure what I should be looking for ?
AntS Moderator

@Mlady : Third party apps are disabled in Safe Mode - so if the double notifications don't happen in that mode we'll know it's one of them that's the culprit. Let us know what happens to the notifications when your phone is in Safe Mode. 


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