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AoD if Galaxy watch is placed on charger?

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My 42mm behaves rather differently. The AoD goes off when charging, as described, but then when fully charged and the charger light changes colour, the AoD comes on. However, unbelievably, it does not recognise the horizontal orientation of the watch in the charger dock and so the face is on its side. Touching a button switches the watch face to full brightness and spins it through 90 degrees, briefly, and once the display dims again it also spins back -90 degrees.


All this sounds like a very easy fix for the next software release please.



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You're not very smart. It's a figure of speech for meaning "in the middle of the night". He didn't literally mean 3am. And this is a smart has an alarm clock on it. Samsung designed the charger and the watch so the image rotates when plugged in to make it easier to see when in bed, but it turns off. That's ridiculous.

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@AntS wrote:

Hi all.


I've pitched the option of 'AOD whilst on charge' idea as a Suggestion for our R&D team - and will let peeps know of the feedback we get from them. 

It's great that you mentioned this "idea" to samsung, but this has been one of top the requested/annoying features since the s2 (google it), and they still haven't implemented or fixed it. I want to be excited, but I have doubts that they will suddenly acknowledge this broken feature.

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Hahaha I'm not very smart? You must be the life of any party. Although you clearly do not recognise sarcasm or wit of any form. All I hear is whinge whinge whinge. Why doesn't the smallest gadget on my night stand do EVERYTHING? There is a reason why alarm clocks exist, why cameras exist, etc etc. Smart phones are able to do these things to a certain level, just like smart watches are able to do things to a certain level. I have no complaints about my smart watch or my smart phone. Both are Samsung and both do what I want them to. I think people are asking for ridiculous things but that is clearly just my opinion which I am entitled to just like everyone else.

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I loved this feature on my apple watch. Since moving back to samsung/android I was very egar to get the galaxy watch but have been disappointed to say the least when comparing with my apple watch. Small details like the nightstand clock mode not being available is a let down, the apps on the play store are third world compared to the likes of the apple store. I feel that whilst Samsung are advancing in the world of mobile technology and advances, I think it's time the smart watches catch up also.

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Update ... further to my post a couple of weeks ago my watch has changed its behaviour: the AoD no longer comes on when on the charger. I have no idea what has changed, or whether it was just a particular face I was using which behaved this way. Now the display is permanantly off when on charge, which is very disappointing.


I think the developers could just 'fess up that they have forgotten to tell the watch to stay on..... they did the difficult bit of making the watch face rotate through 90 degrees when you put it on the charger.......

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I have found an app called I am alive. If you download this to the watch then switch it on you can charge your watch with the screen staying on. Hope this helps.

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Brilliant! Thank you! Works, perfectly.

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