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Smart home or SmartThings .. This is the problem !




Phone LG with Android 8.1.

Now the Smart home app warn me that I must use the SmartThings app

But the play store warn me that the SmartThings is not compatible .. What should I do ?





AndrewL Moderator
@MARCO-66: Which LG device are you trying to install the app on? Please be aware that the device must have a minimum of 2GB of RAM, however it does state on the Play Store download page that some mobile devices may not be supported. Do you have access to another mobile device that you can try to see if the issue persists?

Thanks for the replay Andrewl


Model is LG K8 (LG-m200n) with "only" 1,5 GBytes of RAM ... so this should be the reason for the incompatibility.

Anyway I found that, when the Smart Home APP warn me about the fact that I should use SmartThings, I can choose between Cancel and OK, if I choose Cancel I can continue to use, how long I don't know yet, the Smart Home APP...







AndrewL Moderator
No problem, @MARCO-66.

If you should require further support then I recommend contacting the dedicated SmartThings Support Team via the link below, where an advisor will be able to assist you further.
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