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Samsung hub vs. Samsung mobile

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Should not Samsung mobile appear as a possible device of automation?

Unfortunately, it does not work. Why Samsung bans itself? Simply unexplainable.

You see, I dont want to spend money on something that hopelessly a failure. 

I am very disappointed. There is no info available about the SmartThings, the spec is missing at least half of what it should cover, in the Samsung stores nobody heared about this new technology. Obviously could not answer any questions. I am greatly disappointed. The so called support falls back behind even the lowest expectation. 


Hi Zoli-LND, the Samsung mobiles are the base for SmartThings, where you will add extra devices (no mobiles) to your profile for management all the compatibles devices to it.


Then you will program air conditioning, dishwasher, washing machine, freezer and more from your device outside of the space range of you. Then you can order, set or stop the devices when and where you need to do.


You will need to connect all the devices to a network at home for external access to the SmartThings options set.


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I think that new Samsung step will be to integrate to Bixbi Home to full automatization 

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