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Who hates smooth phones that are hard to hold.


Why is it that most phone manufacturers make the case so smooth that you cannot keep hold of unless you fit a case to them which you then have to remove to get it to charge wirelessly?


Am I the only one who has a problem with dropping their phone or tablet?

I think it is time for manufacturers to provide a part of the side that is textured so we can stop dropping them. 

Superuser I
Superuser I

The reason is: Fashion trend. It looks nice which is easier to sell. That said, it can be easily compensated by a good case


I accept fashion helps sell the phones but I think they could get more sales by advertising they have easy grip sides just by having a textured edge to help people keep hold of them, I know several people who have decided to stay away from most modern smartphones just due to them keep dropping them, I have a friend who had just received a new Galaxy Note 8 and less than 2 minutes in her hand she dropped it it landed on its corner and cracked the screen you would think with the prices that most modern smartphones are that they could do a little market research to see what people want to see in new models, giving larger screens and batteries is all well and good but of little use if you cannot keep hold of them.

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