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What's everyone watching?


Hi There, if you have time, check for me next season of Supernatural, and please tell me if it is digne for me attention.


See you on Monday and good weekend for all here and there


About Joke it is rare but advanced about QSA and others and soon...  

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Ash vs evil dead

What about Absolutly Fabulous? Its an older comedy, but hilarious, they made a film of it too. Look it up.🤣
Theresa edwards

Plebs 🤣 it's set in Rome, seen every series so far and each time it makes me giggle 😆😆😆


To be honest:I don't watch popular movies at all..But I really can binge watch documentaries!

My favorite documentary maker is Louis Theroux! 

'Etiam Tacere Est Respondre..'

@Troop3r Plebs is amazing. I laughed so much watching it Documentaries are always a good shout!

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