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Ur favourite song of all time.........mines is, 'Shes like the wind', by Patrick Swayze, whats urs?


Whats ur fav song of all time? Mine is, 'Shes like the wind', by patrick, whats urs?😁

Theresa edwards
ChrisM Moderator

Can't beat a bit of Mr. Swayze @Theresa40!


My personal favourite song is an old classic by James Taylor 'Fire and Rain', (showing my age now!).

Queen - under pressure x
TracyR Moderator

It's a tough one here, I have a two favourites and can't seem to chose between them - so I'll give you them both:


'Dust in the Wind' - Kansas

'Diamond Eyes' - Shinedown

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CarlH Moderator
Fields of the Nephilim: Last Exit for the Lost. Easy choice.
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Guns n roses Mr brownstone
Superuser I
Superuser I
I'm not really into favorite songs.... But sometimes I have one I really love Usually ones that are quite unknown.

This is one of my latest favorites:

Spotify Link:

Its just beautiful I discovered it in a quite unique way. There was a costumer of my internet provider (KPN) that asked on their community what a song was when he/she called them. The whole webcare department was looking it up (Without much success until a week later).

It was a fun hunt though
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My favourite song its Denpasar moon its legend at bali 

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Oasis don't look back in anger
Superuser I
Superuser I
Great songs! ^-^
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