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The most important decision in the morning...

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Coffee or Tea?  


Whats your pick , and how do you prefer to drink your favorite brew  


If I had to pick either then it would be a lovely, milky coffee (we're talking about SO MUCH milk) but I'd much rather prefer a glass of ice cold water!


What's yours?

CarlH Moderator

Coffee. Strong and black.


Hey, @SjorsK, cacao too 


For example...Coffee in the early morning with milk, tea during the morning, coffee after lunch, cacao in the night or a expresso or italian as coffee named (very short and concentrated)  after a outhouse dinner.


As my Swedish friends says, always there are time for a "F I K A" hahahahah

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AntS Moderator

Coffee for me. Milk and two sugars. 


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ChrisM Moderator

It's two cups of tea for me with 2 sugars each! Not human until I've finished my second cuppa!


@SjorsK "F I K A" are with colleages speaking about something. Good foam has your coffee!! 


@AntS You said Coffee...It sound as too many coffee , then use less sugar are a sugar 63506413-hormiga-marrón-con-la-hoja-verde-hoja-que-lleva-de-la-hormiga-icono-de-la-hormiga-hoja-de-retención-de-hor.jpg




@ChrisM hahaha 

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When rising I firstly have a glass of water,   then it's Black Tea (no sugar) with  Toast .     Only  take coffee on ocassions with milk , though  usually enjoy it when I do (tend to  be more at cafes/restaurants). An odd time like an Irish Coffee (though not in the morning


Hi @JAMES4578, It's sound as a person with well choice tastes 


Drink water is very importand when you wake up and eating, well done


Toast with butter?

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