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So incredibly sad...😒




At 30-10-2013 I was watching a tv show I watch every day called 'De Wereld Draait Door' (DWDD)..and there was a guy (ex soccer player) to promote his book...Immideatly I noticed his speach wasn't right..When the interviewer asked about it, he got very emotional and told that a month earlier the diagnosis ALS (in Dutch)...I was so moved by this that I had to cry too...


That is the day I first heard about FERNANDO RICKSEN...I was very intrigued and decided to follow him in very way that I could...And so I did...


This man is a true hero...He always kept fighting, had such a positive way of thinking through this horrible decease...

And he and his little girl were so cute together...


The torture for Fernando is over now.. 

I'm praying that his little girl has the same strong mind and perseverance as her daddy to coop and heal from this tragady in her (way to young!) life of losing her father...


To Fernando: You have fought this horrible and incurable decease like a true hero!Nothing but respect for you!Now you can rest my man!RIP...


All of my love, 



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:( :( but also 


I briefly saw the headline on Sky Sports News last night, but hadn't realised it was a result of ALS/MND. One of my grandmothers fell to MND. She died a couple of days before my parents' wedding (and before I was born). And one of my dad's friends, who I helped out with some freelance proofreading when I was out of work a few years ago, has also been afflicted recently - his decline has been quite rapid, and it's so sad to see even just from pictures of him.


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@Josje1982 Yes very sad news on Fernando and terrible for anyone afflicited with ALS/MND.


@AntS   Sorry to hear that (even if you did not know your grandmother tough to hear at an early age hits hard when it is someone you know (as case with Dad's friend)       


Have not known anyone with these diseases, however former neigbour(only mid 50's) had an aggressive form of cancer and was gone within two months of diagnosis this year 😒






Yesterday was the funeral of Fernando Ricksen in Glasgow..

Of course I already knew he was a legend in (especially) in Scotland, but nevertheless I was (am) blown away by the amount of people attending...

I'm so proud of Fernando because of his accomplishments as soccer player, but most of all that he has given a face to ALS/MND...

To me he's a true hero for showing is vulnerability..He gave us a look into how dehumanizing this horrible disease is...This grown man, who was such a great soccer player (and a cheeky bad boy 🀭) needing more care than an infant...

Showing this to the world takes guts, don't you think? 


With this post I want to thank everyone who could and/or wanted to attend his funeral (SCOTLAND/GLASGOW YOU'RE THE BEST!) 

I'm so incredibly impressed by you all...I take a bow!! 


I know I sound as patriotic as (for instance) someone from the US (no offend!πŸ˜‰) but Dutch people have pride too (especially when it comes to soccer...πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š) 






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Dutch, cold beer and good music ... they transform themselves...Ghost


The Dutch Duck Clan, here in my village 


"They transform themselves.."... πŸ€”... Be more specific!... Beer & good music makes the Dutch transform into.......??


I'm very curious! πŸ˜‰

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The soul of the Village temporarily, all Dutch under wednesday feast day...with Happy Hours for @


And is that positive or negative?

We Dutch people are social, very direct... πŸ˜‚



'Etiam Tacere Est Respondre..'

They are fun and sunny, they helps the growing of Tulipan  


Don't worry, never were problems and they are very good and animated singers!!! 

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