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Samsung A70

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Hi, I just bought a new Samsung A70 in Oslo airport. It's a Christmas gift for my partner who I stay in Kenya with. So my problem is that on the box it says "EUROPEAN SIM CARDS ONLY"


And it would kinda suck giving away phone that she won't even be able to use if her simcrd won't apply with the phone.


But I've read on numerous treads that if u make a 5-10 min local call with my swedish simcard for example, it will unlock the feature to use sim cards outside of EU.


If this is correct I should just need to recieve a few 5 min call before I depart for Kenya for christmas?





There will be another problem if she ever wants to get updates : You'll have to configure the phone according to the SIM. Normally that's automatically done when you first use it. If not, you can try to repeat it, once you're in the final location and have got the final sim card : switch off, remove sim, start up, do a factory reset, switch off, insert sim, start up, when asked agree to customization suitable for sim, proceed with installation

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