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Playstation VR and Other Virtual Reality

TracyR Moderator

Has anyone had any time to play with any of the VR systems out there?

PSVR/Oculus etc. 


I've got a PSVR and the game I really wanted to talk about it Beat Saber.

It's incredible, it's so much fun flailing around smashing cubes to the beat with the PS Move controlled light sabers.


Here are some gameplay videos:


Sherlock 2.jpg
Say "hello!" and
Introduce Yourself, or virtually hangout in the Samsung Lounge


All a Jedi...or Sith hahahaha


Powerfull game 

Superuser I
Superuser I
At work we have an HTC Vive and and 30 oculus go devices, and I'm in the lucky position that I'm in the team that handles the coordination of the service

Play with VR and get paid Effectively its used as a 360 degrees movie theatre for educational purposes.

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