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One thing ud always wanted to do


What would be at the top of ur bucket list and why.x

Theresa edwards

Hi Theresa, I do not wish nothing because I am alive as yours, then all things in the World you will can to get them with effort.


I'm very rich for to be as I am, knows, live, friendships, colleages, music, vision, destiny, flavor, love, star, sensations, joy and sorrows...I'm alive for to be who I want to be, then it's the best present we have...effort and pleasure treataments to all people who meet me correctly 


Then I do not think in to wish, if not in how to reach the top without crushing people in our path (get something)


See you, good weekend and I will continue speaking with yours in threads


A best car, best people, best work, best in money, best in health, a girlfriend and travels, too much travels to forget all bad people of here and there  


After that the actions will arrive to do and think in more things to do newly.


I supose as all, no only me 

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