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New leaks, next tablet would be Tab S6 not Tab S5 as rumours says

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Superuser I

 new leak gave us a few interesting details on the upcoming flagship tablet.

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Superuser I
I'm always sceptical with leaks and prefer to not give them too much support, the reason is because even though they tend to get trusted very close to release - Usually it also has a lot of misinformation in there. The clarity of this picture is for me on the category of "Might be true, but also might not be'.

That said, I never understood why people would leak something as clear as this on the internet, those things are confidential and as a trustee or an employee you might be able to lose your job and/or trust if you decide to leak something like this (Especially if its this clear, and this public). That is without even considering the risk of a fine due to a breach of an NDA.

That said, dual camera's are definitely a logical step considering its on the S series smartphones, but I wouldn't need a leak to predict that ^-^
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