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Hi everyone whos reading in how are you all? Just a small note coming up to Christmas, whilst we're all busy rushing around preparing for another year of festivities, overeating and watching the Christmas films with bloated stomachs and scoffing chocolate liqueurs whilst swinging back our favourite bevvie, its difficult to stop and think of those who aren't feeling so festive this year, not to put a downer on things but just to think of those not so fortunate, and then maybe reflect on ourselves and think maybe how can I make my life better so that others can live better, just a thought that's all.

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Very much agreed, Carlito88.


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Hi @Carlito88,   a few good points there!


I hope everyone is more or less ready for the festive period and that you all have a great time 🍹🍺🍷🍸


Nonetheless at his time of the year good to think of those who are less fortunate, whether that be via financial or emotional reasons as regardless they will not have the same experience.


whilst it can certainly be a joyous and merry time, some also experience  a bit of stress in the run up and so hope plans run smoothly. 

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Very much agree with you @Carlito88

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Reflecting is always a good thing, thanks for sharing



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Very wise words   


Christmas as well as time away from work is very much a family time for me , my grown up children and grandchildren and to celebrate the family and friends who have passed.


We alike many other cities around the world have homeless people and people who are less fortunate than others who we try to help in one way or another.


So I'll end by saying enjoy and embrace the festivities. 




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Well you already are making other people's lives better simply by just being involved on here talking to people so well done and you should feel good about yourself for doing so 👍
Hi BandOfBrothers
Absolutely brilliant speech mate I was homeless once but I stayed away from drink and drugs I slept during the day in a homeless day centre and got a job working nights until I had enough to get a flat I then signed up for free online computer courses got qaulifications and technology knowledge studied latops and the insides of a laptop I then dismantled a laptop and named every part and what it was for I then looked up how to fix various components on computers I then tested myself on a load of old computers I then fixed friends laptops I then had friends recommend me to there friends I then put self designed business cards through people doors and before I knew it I had a whole lot of work coming in now I been learning software development for 5 years and building android apps aswell as Microsoft apps continue to sign up to online courses with anything to do with software development using android studio and github and visual studio and I love every second because every day there is something new to learn so I absolutely feel pain so much for the homeless and would do all I could to help those in need but if you really want to change your life situation there is always a solution just like coding if you really want to fix that software issue then there is always a solution it just takes determination commitment motivation self belief patients and a rule that's important to value never try to cut corners stop and think get advice or in problem solving words look at the problem define the problem gather imformation get advice from anyone and everyone cause any little advice helps make a decision an act on it this May seem a lot to have to do but take a step back and look at it as a whole there is very little to remember really just a simple self motivation and self respect that's all it's down to have a great Christmas and New year
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