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Im a novice on all this.


 Hi DannyT Thank you I appreciate that!🙂

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@TabBO wrote:

Hi thanks, I feel like th girl who's not got the dress code when showing up at a party.🙄

We have a dress code? *puts on fancy pants*


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Superuser I
With smartphones its usually that the newer models are more friendly. In the past there where tons of bells and whistles added, currently the focus is more on "Focusing what is important" The bells and whistlers are still there but are hidden well enough to only be visible when you need them.

About the dresscode: No dresscode haha



Hi SjorsK hope u ok? Good to hear from u again. Having problems with only being able to read part of a message from someone which appears in my e-mails and don't know how to read/get the rest. Appearing ignorant to people as I can't find them to respond!

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Superuser I
Things are great, I'm just back from the Christmas celebrations

In the mail is also a link (Usually blue). You can click on it (Or tap it with your finger, same thing) to open it
Frilly knickers for me then😮!!
Hi mate
Never put yourself down no you are not silly you simply have now learnt something new that you didn't know before so well done mate
🙂 from Steve 👍
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Happy new year


with allone@SjorsK !!!


Good intro jijiji with energy hahahaha


@TabBO Where? ...& rest of c

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Hi all I'm a newbie too
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