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IFA 2019 and the Community Berlin Superuser Experience


hahaha really better than years ago but before a touring as last year, that is really good as other people said us or show us in Photos and Articles 


As my good friend Nacho and me were speaking, RIP, es la base no...o sí, como decía unos de mis abuelos , la base fundamental de los cuerpos alquilinos mientras que la mente de mi otros abuelos conectaban conmigo para decirme que sí es verdad y que tenía razón, lo dijo él no lo dijeron ellos, lo dijimos aquel día, cuando lo comprendió y todos sabemos y todos han de saber que no es moco de pavo lo que aquí se habla. 


Hablaba sobre Sistemas de Gestiones de Calidad y Gestión Empresarial Minoritaria, pero postee aquí, este sitio para cederle el sitio de estar primero en la list of threads en su honor por el rato que ha ocupado en atendernos.


Fue un placer haber compartido mesa con ustedes 

Superuser I
Superuser I

The aftermovie seems to be online  



My photo's are in the dutch topic


2018 too...Who is him? hahahah


AntS Moderator

Great stuff - thanks for sharing, guys! 


For me, the event was as much about the collaboration, connection, togetherness, and love. And poignantly held in a city that's come to represent the struggle and ultimate triumph over division.


Berlin Wall_East Side Art.JPGOne of the photos I took of the East side of the Wall.


 Say "Hello!" to the Community in The Introduce Yourself Thread.


Our AntS...if it is a little piece of tender bread and well ... we do not know what we have with him won ...


Thanks for your words AntS and all for share

Superuser I
Superuser I

@AntS  Certainly would have been a good experience on all counts,  the Berlin Wall  pic !


I think someone pass a detail......a big detail 



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