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Howto: Change lockcreen wallpaper even the screen goes off

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Superuser II

In good old days, up to 30 images could be selected directly in the background settings, which were then randomly set as a lock screen image. Unfortunately, this option has been denied to us by Samsung, now it is only possible with live wallpapers, which are often paid, and we cannot choose the pictures ourselves.

Fortunately, we have a Tasker that can handle it (I don't understand why I didn't think of trying it for 2 years).


Create a new Task



  1. File -> List Files 
    In Dir, enter the path to the image directory 
    In Variable enter text % files 

  2. Set the values ​​of % filescnt to the number of images loaded (Variables -> Variable Set) 
    Name will be % filescnt , To % files (#)
  3. We will generate a random number in the range of 1 - number of images 
    In Name, enter the name of the variable in which the output will be saved: % file 
    Min will be 1 , Max % filescnt 
  4. Set a random image as the lock screen background. 
    In Type, select Lockscreen , type Image files (% file) into Image 


Then we create a profile that will respond to the need to turn off the screen:
Event -> Display -> Display Off



From now on, whenever the screen is turned off, the lock screen image changes to one of the folders we entered.

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Superuser I

Certainly some good advice, thanks @Libb 

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Helpful in 2020

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Superuser II

Yes, it is. Because there are still limitations in the out of box functionality. And you can see that the article is almost 1 year old and then it was not possible in settings.

SAMSUNG Galaxy S20+ Black & Galaxy Fold Silver
Galaxy Active 2 44mm black | Galaxy Buds+

It continue working done, be alive the hile and add more things to do if you know for the tasks manager, are interesting define certains macros in special cases, I left 👍🌹👋

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