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[Gaming] What is your game setup?

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There are multiple ways to play your favorite games, one person uses a PC while the other one prefers an xBox, Playstation, Nintendo switch or perhaps even a Smartphone


One person prefers a monitor while the other has an awesome TV (Perhaps even a QLED ).


What does your game setup looks like and how do you prefer to play your favorite games?


Got to take a photo one of these days, what about yours 


TracyR Moderator

I have a PS4 in my living room, once i get a second TV i'm planning on setting up the basement as a retro games room/wine cellar. With the PS1, PS3, SNES, N64... and a Wii. 


I have the PSVR connected to my PS4 as well, it's brilliant! I wish more games had VR capability.


I've also pre-ordered the Playstation Classic, that's due for delivery on 3rd December!


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CarlH Moderator

I have pretty much every console from the past 20/30 years except the Xbox One. Mainly play on PC though these days, unless there is a console exclusive. I usually connect my consoles to my monitor (don't have a TV at the moment). 


Currently playing: Destiny 2 (PC), Spider-Man (PS4), Diablo III (PC and Switch)

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Superuser I

My gamePC looks like this:
Ryzen 1700x (Betting on the longterm in terms of software optimization ).
16GB Ram (Will upgrade to 32 down the line).
2 medicore 1080p screens (Will replace with a QLED when one of them breaks down ).
500GB Samsung SSD

Besides of that I have a Nintendo Switch that I use on my Samsung Smart TV. Its still a 2014 model but when it breaks down I will probably replace it with a QLED. I also have the TV connected with a HDMI Cable to my PC

I'm still looking for a way to streams games everywhere from my PC to my phone with an xbox one controller input, but I think that will appear soonish!
CarlH Moderator

Have you tries this@SjorsK? I have the Steam Link unit and it works pretty well (actually had it synced with my Mac so I could produce music in another room as it just mirrors the entire screen).

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Superuser I
Yup! The downside of that is that it won't work outside my home network (Unless I set up a VPN). Hopefully my internet provider will make that easier in the nearby future

CarlH Moderator

Ah, when you say anywhere you literally mean "anywhere". That would be cool. I do a lot of travelling from home to my hometown to see my family so the Switch is ideal. If I could stream my PC to my phone on the train and use a controller, that would be fantastic. 

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Thats the idea! Only downside is that the internet connection is not always the best on the train but other than that - It would be a great step into the right direction and it should technically be possible now It just has to get convienient  


PC gaming rig that "was" the beast day one GTX780 etc

Nintendo Switch 

Nvidia Shield

Xbox one S for my partner playing fallout 

Xbox One X for me downstairs

I have had most consoles from the SEGA master system (the one that took a card and cart!!)

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