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[Gaming] What is your game setup?

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I don't want to boast of equipment ...




@SjorsK...we can play online, I think some moderator, superuser or customer would like to play with us 



@CarlH wrote:

Have you tries this@SjorsK? I have the Steam Link unit and it works pretty well (actually had it synced with my Mac so I could produce music in another room as it just mirrors the entire screen).

Baked into the Samsung firmware now plus it has software versions now. I did get the steam link and controller day one release as it worked a bit better than the Nvidia Shield, plus the pad customisation community learnt alot and shared profiles once they got to grips with what it was capable of. I could not get used to not having thumb sticks :(


A picture of downstairs which has accumulated bits of gaming stuff I use and or used. VR is not mainstream enough which is a shame as it has come along way. Like 3D TV it's been done before and failed before. I think it is due to any tech that you need to "put on" 3D glasses, VR headset anything more than plug and play will be hard to gain traction as it will never be mainstream enough. Look at what and is needed for VR on a PC. Anyway excuse the mess usually the Xbox one X is only on show 



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European Community Manager
Corsair & ASUS RoG, good stuff
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Superuser I


I'm always open for a fun game haha :p Or a gaming event? :p

(Ps. I'm just a costummer )

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about Samsung I have:

      - 970 PRO NVME PCI-E 1TB

      - SSD 860 EVO 2TB (Samsung Rapid Mode)

      - SSD 850 PRO 256GB for StoreMI with the Raid 0

      - Chips B-DIE Samsung for G.Skill 4x8GB 3600Mhz RGB CL16

      - I have 7 HDDs: a WD Black 2x1TB Raid 0 , 2xHGST 4GB 3.5', 1xSeagate 5GB 3.5', 1x WD Black & 1x Seagate but 2.5'  (I needed a SATA Controller card as you can watch)


About Corsair

Corsair all-in-one H115i PRO with push-pull set up with Noctua Fans and a PSU AX1200i, I'm very happy with them.


About ASUS

My monitor P279QR (I use on vertical position sometimes for pick code or if I need add a lot of windows for test).

A ROG STRIX 1080ti (I will add a second 1080ti for SLI or I will sell my actual 1080ti for buy a 2080ti). With my actual Monitor, I'm working at 110hz (Can be overclocked to 120hz), the 1080ti move 2K at 100-110fps perfectly. 


I chose the Dell Alienware monitor instead of the Samsung in the past Christmas. Samsung's new ultrawide monitor, will soon be in the market, it's going to be a crazy option, I had news about, you will see, that monitor is what I would have bought last time (serious option) ...


My old Samsung monitor was a present for a good friend who bought my old Custom PC. 


About Laptopt I bought a new machine...It fell good, I rewrote the bios with a custom one and I can overclock and undervolt fine as my desktop. I enjoy too much with this Ghost



You can see...

I do not have too much time to play, but we can organize and coordinate something. Everything is speak about it. We can start with something easy, but after... hahaha 
Have you a nice weekend, this one I will be busy 
I'll say it just once, my apollogices  for my English, it's not my maternal language and your eyes may bleed sometime 


Guys, check the new android play machine device to play PC (it is lock like a very old 2 floors play machines), screen on top and hardware and the controls on botton part. MY MIND IS ACTIVE AND CHANGES COME TO US !!!



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Sorry, StoreMI was deleted of my PC waiting to advanced (I forgot).


@Madasahat about VR, @CarlH, I supose that it will be in next graphic card generation when we will start to be really correct and real, it will be enought powerful


You need to put stikers of your favourites playgames  in your X  , after you can clean it easy.


About stickers, I'm trying to find a beautifull sticker for my laptop, aleación Mg-Li asphalt color. I don´t like very big or I don´t know...


Can somebody tell me a recomendation of sticker for me? but also is necessary speak about game setup 


@CarlH, have a lock to the new Samsung Ultrawide Monitor 


@Samsung please, one question. Will it be compatible with the new format and resolution for console? Do you need new hardware / software to adapt the new resolution scale?


@TracyR , Mobile, console or PC?, I like interactive console playgames. One day, me, was dancing a the smurfs with friends hahahaha


@YulianK, some question for you !!! What is your game setup?...or work setup...hahaha


Other day we can speak about play games. Now, I think is early.


@Tudor-P , @LanderC@ArdielP & CO...What do you think about? What is your game setup or fun time setup?


Second date of the weekend accomplished. Let's go for the third !!! 






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Console, more specifically PS4. 

I'm a big fan of the interactive games, I've recently finished my second PS Platinum trophy for Heavy Rain. 

I've also started up with Beyond: Two Souls and I need to finish off Until Dawn.


I've heard the game 'Detroit' is very good as well. 



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Superuser I
A PS4 is actually on my wishlist but I already have too many games :p (Just a quick look at my steam account is proof enough ^^')

What do you mean with interactive if I might ask? Games are by themselves kinda an interactive medium so in my eyes thats pretty much everything, but I'm sure that you mean something else :p

And psssh, I'm not exactly British either I even have to admit that I haven't been in the UK at all. Its still on my bucket list though

*hides in a corner*
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Hi @TracyR , long and dificult playgames. I prefere PC, keyboard and mouse 


PS Platinum trophy for Heavy Rain...that original and fun title.


Detroit, umm I don't know, let me see...WOW it seem OK.


I waiting to Cyberpunk new release and portability of Red Dead Redemption 2 to PC.


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