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[Gaming] What games do you play?


I play World of Wardcraft on my PC. I'm totally hooked! X


Hi @PaulaT1, WOW is addictive if you have a funny team with you, always something to do...or spend your time speaking with others about the life hahaha, inside and outside of the gam.


I was a full Coleric Druid in the arenas seasons and a few first kills around in same Servers, but I let WOW after LK.




I dont play as much as I used to because I cant seem to find the time lol.

Have you left the game completely? I have only been playing for a couple of years on and off but have yet to do my first dungeon. It scares me the thought of playing with others and doing something wrong lol x


That game requires time to equip well and hit good attacks.


Of course, having guild is very important for this and you will be geting the technique neccesary for each boss and the synchronized movements of the raid to finish it.


Before each Boss is usual comment the instructions and explanations of everything. It is to be attentive and fulfill your function as best you can. I have played healer and dps in raids and I have some experience. Try Try Try Try...


You can always go with someone you meet in game, or use tavern or general channel, although those do not usually go far in serious instances, but it's something


Yes, for more than two years I have not played, but I have pleasant personal memories of WOW and how much time I spent in those years of training to try to be one of the best in the server in my class. People said they considered me as a powerful player, both as person and as player, so I had no problems with the experience.


First, no "clicker" must to use keyboard for cast, configure your spells around movements keys and use it. It's very important...also to play for fun.


Good night


Thank you

I try and gain as much experience as I can in an area before I move on. 

I prefer to cast using keys instead of the mouse because my reaction times are better with keys.

I normally play a hunter but have been dipping my toes in with other classes.


It is so much fun but if you are not careful you can lose hours and hours to it x

Superuser I
Superuser I
I used to be into WoW... But since I have ffxiv I won't look back Still, it was a fun game!


Training a few 





Hey @SjorsK , sometimes I understand live as a play game? Is it bad Mr.DoctorA?



A mi no me la van a pegar aunque se cambien de nombres, que los tengo calados y los quiero de igual forma a todos...Dónde está Adira_C?

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