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For the Dance Crew Fans: The Royal Family!


Hi there! 


I really would like to share a link to a video of THE BEST DANCE PERFORMANCE EVER!

It's from the dance crew The Royal Family (NZ) as quest performance at The Dancing Nationals 2018..

This is why dancing is ART!


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Wow...beautiful girls and dance


The syncronitation is complete, it's a very professional level...


hahahaha the cab (taxi in Hispano but with State Licence...pass...problems with Uber in Spain)


Thanks @Josje1982 !!!! you can continue updating info or adding new threads


I loved it 


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I'm looking for diferent rhythms, mixed are really good, they can extract all the essence of the song in a few second and show us dancing a powerful show, you really impresed me with your aportation, see you and good luck if you continue postting for here 




Of course The Royal Family competed this year (2019) again at The Nationals...The performance is AWESOME again (Personally : the music they dance to is not my favorite, but I can't take my eyes of the choreo that's so INSANE...)



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Just for performers as you said 


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and What happend with colors!!! You can play more with Them   Did you understand?

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The Last at the moment and I let yours for here...see you



Hi there people!


I'm really sh***ing my pants right now (sorry for my language) because this afternoon we are going to perform the choreo of The Royal Family from The Nationals 2018!!


After more than a year hard work (I'm a Dutch 37 year old woman, with 'Dutch hips'...😂😂) we're finally ready! (The Royal Family has rehearsed this choreo 12 hours a day!!) 


Wish me 🍀! 


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