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Favourite Holiday Destination? :D


Hey Guys!


Completely stuck on where to go next. Where's your favourite place? Any ideas? 



Hi all!


Been a while since I've posted on here! Seeing as though I don't go away often, I don't really have a favourite place..(yet). I'll make list of where I'd LOVE to go next instead.. 


> Bali 

> Santorini 

> Maldives 





@MasukaH  Ahhh. Such good suggestions. Honestly a water villa in the Maldives would be an absolute dream   


Obviuously depends on what you want from the destination and your preferences but I would suggest:

Cuba - Havana City for a few days, party, cocktails, music, architecture and then Varadero (beaches) for a few days of sun, sand and more cocktails (I drank a few mojito's when I was there!!)

Maldives - Only place I have ever been where the place and the brochure were the same, amazingly clear water, marine life, fresh fruit/fish, super relaxing, and a water bungalow is great if you can afford it.

Hong Kong - If you like hustle and bustle, this city has it in spades, also great culture, food, and temples to visit on the smaller islands, and the Star Ferry and night markets are a must.


So much choice it can be hard to decide, but the above all get my thumbs up from personal experience.


@David-H  Who doesn't love a good cocktail 


I've always loved the idea of Hong Kong, and the way you've described it makes me want to go more! I'm going to take a look into it! Thank you for these suggestions. 

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I was in different cities and countries and rested both in hotels and in country cottages, but there is one place that can not be compared to anything. It all started when I received a long-awaited vacation from my boss and began to choose the place where I would go . I searched in the Internet and came across people reviews about and decided to try going there. At first I thought that it was a wilderness without entertainment and that my vacation was ruined, but only the next day I realized that I had not seen such a beautiful place and such wonderful landscapes. I spent a week as if in oblivion and could even finish a book that I could not finish three months. On summer nights, I sat in my room in a spacious cottage and wrote my novel under the moonlight and it was indescribable. This nature and air will forever remain in my memory and I want to visit this wonderful place again. So if you plan to go somewhere on vacation, then go to the Suffolk.

My family & I are going to Austria 🇦🇹 It's wonderful & we always do enjoy the time there.
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