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[Explore] What to watch on Netflix in 2019

European Community Manager
European Community Manager
Ozarks is epic show!
European Community Manager
European Community Manager
Was wondering about this...and now i know to watch it tks
Big Cheese





@ShaneB, after life sound fine...I'm loost

Ozarks epic show...ummm


For now, I only have time for one serie, recomendation please??



European Community Manager
European Community Manager

Looking forward to Stranger Things 


If you like British comedy then try Turn Up Charlie with Idris Elba.


"Charlie, a struggling DJ and eternal bachelor is given a final chance at success when he reluctantly becomes a nanny to his famous best friend's problem-child daughter."


Russian Doll is also very good.

Big Cheese

I was working in an English company during long time, good people (keep inside me) and very fun humor with them hahaha


I will watch a pair of episodes and I will tell you, thanks @ShaneB 


Love death and robots

First Poster

Very attractive, maybe starting to be Russian Dolls.

Big Cheese

Watching  slowly "Turn Up Charlie" 


Russian Dolls next one...



Big Cheese

next one ... only one more 

TracyR Moderator

I've been watching lots and lots of Brooklyn 99, but what I really need to do is watch S3 of Santa Clarita Diet!!


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