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Hi apart from being embarrassed on this site so far. I tripped over on a double bass case,fortunately empty, it crashed down and I fell flat on my face all in front of the dad of this guy I fancied!. I would love to hear that you can beat that for an awkward moment.!

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Hey @TabBO


No need to be embarrassed from your time here ! You're doing just fine.


Years ago I wasn't impressed at how my son's then girlfriend was acting in my house so as my son was at work at the time I sent him a strongly worded text message. 


Unfortunately I managed to send it to his then girlfriend 




She promptly left the house without a word.



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I may have once ripped the door off of an office I was going for a job interview at... 


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Hi, I would like to sympatise with you on that. I long time ago some poor guy lamented a similar story to me. Sorry not much of a consolation. I have put a message out to Samsung Community with 13 issues I have on this site hence my blundering! Don't know if any one gets to see its shock if they do. It makes for poor reading.Problems I forgot to mention to them is getting confused with messages in my e-mails and messages on the S C site!

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Early this year I was forced to get a VCA certification for my work (Safety and envoriment regiulations in the Netherlands that allow you to "work" in high risk zones). Anyhow, I did a happyness dance related to that... Jumping around and broke my foot.... So much for safety. I was 4 months out of the running :') (Even though I worked 4 hours/day from home with an alternative task set. The benefit of being flexible and plug-and-play in multiple teams).

The support centre was quite happy though that I picked up calls from home. Especially because I was "free" for them


My work only required this certification once so far because someone decided to demolish a building two days before it was agreed upon, and someone had to secure the computer stuff (Super expensive).

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May slightly embarass myself here by sharing this   but thought I'd join in.  Once  after removing my belt at airport security,  my trousers almost fell down!    However  did not cause too much of a scene

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Ough haha! I'm lucky that I'm the "Typical Nerd" stereotype so I usually get an extremely easy time during airport checkups
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@SjorsK  well looking Nerdy has some advantages

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True haha! The worse thing is that I'm definitely more nerdy than I look

About embarresing moments:
I'm currently busy with an exam and I had this issue with my assigned partner for two weeks in a row - My partner in the exam was creating an exotic, and specialistic network configuration but it didn't work. He was busy for hours and I already suggested the solution multiple times...

6 hours later I was like: Alright... Let us switch roles.... I typed one command and poof! It worked And I had this two days in a row. The poor kid :') Got the knowledge but definitely lacks some experience.

(I always avoided the education system and went to branch-specefic certificates instead so after 10 years on the job I decided to go though it, I actually see it as a hobby club! ).

I wasnt wearing my glasses and commented on how nice and bright the moon was.....til the girl beside me informed that it was the face of the town clock.🤣
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