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Hi apart from being embarrassed on this site so far. I tripped over on a double bass case,fortunately empty, it crashed down and I fell flat on my face all in front of the dad of this guy I fancied!. I would love to hear that you can beat that for an awkward moment.!

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Hey @TabBO


No need to be embarrassed from your time here ! You're doing just fine.


Years ago I wasn't impressed at how my son's then girlfriend was acting in my house so as my son was at work at the time I sent him a strongly worded text message. 


Unfortunately I managed to send it to his then girlfriend 




She promptly left the house without a word.



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I may have once ripped the door off of an office I was going for a job interview at... 


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Hi, I would like to sympatise with you on that. I long time ago some poor guy lamented a similar story to me. Sorry not much of a consolation. I have put a message out to Samsung Community with 13 issues I have on this site hence my blundering! Don't know if any one gets to see its shock if they do. It makes for poor reading.Problems I forgot to mention to them is getting confused with messages in my e-mails and messages on the S C site!

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Early this year I was forced to get a VCA certification for my work (Safety and envoriment regiulations in the Netherlands that allow you to "work" in high risk zones). Anyhow, I did a happyness dance related to that... Jumping around and broke my foot.... So much for safety. I was 4 months out of the running :') (Even though I worked 4 hours/day from home with an alternative task set. The benefit of being flexible and plug-and-play in multiple teams).

The support centre was quite happy though that I picked up calls from home. Especially because I was "free" for them


My work only required this certification once so far because someone decided to demolish a building two days before it was agreed upon, and someone had to secure the computer stuff (Super expensive).

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