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Contract For The Web

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Sir Tim Berners Lee  creator  of the World Wide Web called for a New Contract,  identifying there were some ethical concerns which we need to fix to safeguard the future and protect rights and freedoms.   There is need to   reinforce thw Web as a public Good. Contract also  focusing on how to  address the spread of misinformation, tax and investment policies to bring more people online, robust frameworks and how to protect our digital and privacy rights and develop technologies to bring out the best.   Consumers should be also be encouraged to be creative and collaberative so that the web has innovative and relevant content.


Contract For The Web 


Web Foundation 


Tim gave this year's Richard Dimbleby lecture on BBC covering much of this and a bit more, also took some questions.  I thought it was interesting, if you wish can catch it here on iplayer : World wide Web- Mid Course Correction 


Here is a brief history of the Internet  which has been in existence since 1969 and predated the Web, originally for millitary but  other than email was much more technical and not suited for general use.



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Great read @JAMES4578! Thanks for sharing!

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