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Anyone have a good book they could recommend? After a nightshift, which im on now, a book is good to relax my mind.😊


Can anyone recommend a good book? Its handy when im on nightshift and its quiet, as it is now.😊

Theresa edwards
Jeffrey deaver
The Lincoln Rhyme Series:
The Bone Collector (1997)
The Coffin Dancer (1998)
The Empty Chair (2000)
The Stone Monkey (2002)
The Vanished Man (2003)
The Twelfth Card (2005)
The Cold Moon (2006)
The Broken Window (2008)
The Burning Wire (2010)
XO (2012) β€” small appearance
The Kill Room (2013)
The Skin Collector (2014)
The Steel Kiss (2016)
Read all him as author...don't have to read in order,individual stories,great crime with twists and turns
TracyR Moderator

it depends what you're into.


My favourite author is Jodi Picoult, my favourite ones are Nineteen Minutes, Salem Falls and House Rules.


She also wrote My Sisters Keeper, it's a good book as well as film.


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