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A Samsung Poem


Hey guys,


So we had a bit of fun in the office and were asked to write a poem about something Samsung. I thought I'd open it up, and see how you guys can do. I'll share my effort, but I'm sure some of you guys can do so much better!


The Galaxy Fold


Samsung are different.

They like to create.

They like to be new,

and innovate.


To make something great,

They had to be bold,

So they thought of a phone,

A phone that can fold.


The Fold opens up

to reveal a huge screen.

When you watch movies

you don’t miss a scene.


For multitasking,

It’s simply the best.

With 12gig of Ram,

It’s up to the test.


With high speed 5G,

Download at a click,

You’ve never seen songs,

Download so quick.


It’s a phone and a tablet,

With the power of a rocket,

That folds in your hands,

And fits in your pocket.

 Welcome to the Community! :smileyhappy:


You've missed your calling @DannyT!

This is the best Samsung poem I've ever read
Superuser I
Superuser I

Once upon a time
Samsung was very fine

I used to have a T65 wired phone from the PTT
But new I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+ with a cup of tea
That I will take everyday with me

We are able to do what we can't because the future is now.
So I will give Samsung a big bow.



PTT is the old dutch government run Telecom postal and telegraphy operator, everyone had a T65 phone. The PTT still exist but is split up into multiple publicly traded companies (A bank, a telecom provider and two postal/package companies).

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