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About IFA and what it stands for, we already discussed here and here and here as well. You may have already seen some pictures of our experience this year, by following the Instagram hashtag #SamsungIFA2019 , but I figured I ought to give you more information on our adventurous days in Berlin.



Community without borders


4.jpgSamsung Superuser Experience

What’s a better way of developing relationships in a community than sharing a meal? That’s how we started our visit in Berlin. With a shared dinner. Some of us were a bit tired after our journeys (not only to Berlin, but through Berlin as well, stick with me for a bit, I’ll tell you more about it in a minute), some of us longed to have a German beer, but all of us were happy to be there, to meet old acquaintances, make new friends and discuss with people that share our interest in technology and in Samsung.




Just how flexible are French people with  their punctuality ?


Are French people punctual ? Yes? No? Well, I don't think they are.  On the first day, our French Community of SU, @rosnysbois , @Pierrot14 et @ELALAMI  had a lot of fun on the way from the hotel to the restaurant. And I say that because, well, we got lost for a bit. Thanks to our guides (who happen to be yours truly, and one of our Community Managers, @Ksev ), we left the hotel early, and we got to the restaurant 45 minutes late. How’s that for French flexibility?




IFA – Technology and goodies


I don’t know about you, but I enjoy my free goodies. And the best way of getting free stuff is by having fun while experimenting with products we were already curious to test. And we got around to taking tons of pictures with the Galaxy Note 10+, to assess the power of the TAB S6, or the keyboard of the Galaxy Book S, to experience the rotating corner where BeSpoke was presented, or to find the answer to all our inquiries about the POWERstick Jet ™. We have also witnessed Samsung’s robot chef’s arm live in action.


IMG_20190906_115015.jpgIMG_20190906_115036 (1).jpg






IMG-20190906-WA0061 (1).jpg


But the main attraction, and I do not say that lightly, as the queue was, indeed, very looong, was the Galaxy Fold. The wait for testing it lasted for more than an hour, but those who had the patience were greatly rewarded: being among the first ones to familiarize with this state-of-the-art technology. 




Oh, did I mention we had our pictures taken while testing the Galaxy Note10+? 


WhatsApp Image 2019-09-08 at 19.17.56.jpeg


At the end of the day, after getting familiar with all the Samsung products presented at IFA, we gathered, Samsung Community representatives and SU alike, to share opinions on the technology we witnessed and to receive lots of goodies from the organizers.




Trolls, trolls everywhere


These 3 days were dedicated to having fun while testing cutting edge technology at the fair. And fun we had indeed. Let me tell you about two specific instances.




Throughout our visit at the Samsung stand, besides all the Samsung products on hand, our SuperUsers tested the patience of the promoters on site as well. @ELALAMI had great fun by connecting his phone to The Serif, and playing remotely with the menu. Suffice to say that, since the promoters are no SU, his mischievousness caused some trouble.


Our Community Manager is not one to lack humor either. Each chance he got, he photobombed groups of people. Imagine the surprise this group of Samsung representatives had upon seeing their pictures.



 In the evening, we went out, again, to share a meal and a beer.




Bear hunt after beer hunt


Our third and last day at IFA was dedicated to the Samsung SU Experience Hunt through Berlin.


Starting from the Brandenburg Gate, each team of 5 representatives got a Galaxy Note 10+ with a map of all the Bears in Berlin. The challenge was simple: we had to use our direction skills to find as many bears as possible, photograph them and post them here. Each member of the winning team won Galaxy Buds. Congratulations to the winners. Not us, of course, as you can imagine, if you paid attention at the part where I mentioned punctuality.






Until Next Year 


At the end of the day, we are all winners, because we got to meet again, to visit the Samsung stand at IFA and test all the new products. Hopefully, our team will continue to grow, our community will flourish and all our user will be happy.




                                                                             Until next year, I wish you all the best.


Julie_T, Samsung Moderator.

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