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Samsung WW80M642OPW QuickDrive Q6 - washing program extended beyond program time

New Member

Upon selecting a washing program the washing machine automatically extends the cycle to a longer one.

Example: We put half load or less into it, select the program that was supposed to be for like 2hrs by default. After like 5 min the washing machine adjust the program and eventually washes for 3+ hours.


Is this caused by weight measuring? I would expect it to shorten the program and not extend it .. eventually it uses more water and power than the program it was set for ..


I tried calibrating the machine but still happening.


What's causing this and how to fix it?

Nick Moderator

This should be aimed at the weight, which could change it to more or less of the displayed time. Although half (or less) should lessen the time by quite a lot when you use a Quickdrive. Although it depends which program you use and how heavy the cloths are.

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