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[EN] Looking for help with my WD8EK5400OW/EG washer/dryer combo

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Hello Folks,


I have just purchased the WD8EK5400OW/EG washerdryer combination and have been trying my hardest to figure out if this is indeed a smartwasher or not. No button combinations allow me to access the AP screen, despite my efforts.


Trying to get online support for this has been a nightmare, and I've been disconnected/cut off from both the German and Dutch online chats for no apparent reason.


Hoping someone in this board has used this specific model before and if they can offer any help/advice. At the moment I feel quite let down/exhausted from Samsung which I thought was a pretty reliable brand!

DanielU Moderator

This model does not support smartwasher functionality. You're not able to control the machine remotely with your smartphone.


However, it does support SmartCheck. With this option, the machine will give you a code that you can scan with your smartphone in case of defects. The Smart Check app will then give you a troubleshoot. 


More info on page 42 of the (German) user manual.

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