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Firware failed !!

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"Failed to update firmware.Visit a Samsung service centre".  What is this *****? Haven't got time to waste on this. Will get rid of this phone. Won't buy samsung again.One plus better.


Hi, @Eduardo31


Your query is about a phone?


Ups! Eduardo31, itsn't good...


From my experience, it could be that you acquired a fake cell phone.
If you are sure it is original, try with the technical service of your shop or samsung  technical service directily if it is under warranty, or try to install the original Samsung rom of your terminal with the Odin program. There are many manuals on the web about how do.

Salu2 🙃







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Sorry Mr @GOLD_MASTER , I can tell you, could be this person was living in Spain and he had a trouble with his phone and he doesn't speak spanish, or it's my time and I can expend it as I want to make it.


Thanks for the information even it came more than three months after the last post.We hope that Mr @Eduardo31  has solved his problem.