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 Why why Why why why why why why why why why why why why why????

 What What how why what how? Why would you do that? Why would you change every freaking thing in this system? I'm freaking out seriously. I have aspergers and I am freaking out. everything in the system of my phone is changed now. All the angles and the brightness and now my adapter to my HDmi adapter doesn't work even though this is supposed to update my phone to work with it and it was working fine and now I don't even know how to maneuver through my phone. What on Earth would make you change everything in the system without letting people have The Choice of whether or not to have those changes all at once? it's so disruptive and no way to uninstall it. You've bombarded my life with chaos. NOT COOL AT ALL SAMSUNG. do you have any idea what that kind turmoil such a radical shift can cause someone who depends on consistent expectations or in the very least a gradual and thoroughly explained process of evolution or change??????? I am barely able to catch my breath. Everything is DIFFERENT and nothing is working like before I chose to foolishly download this glitchy gremlin of an "update ". I want things back to the way they were. I hate this.

If you Google Samcentral discord you can get official firmware to flash to your device with odin

Thank you but I have no idea what that means and my phone refused me capability to accept the invitation. I want Samsung to fix this!!!!!!! They are the ones who broke it. Nothing works "with a theme" (Samsung themes!!!!) And I have no idea how yo work around the all pervading glitchiness. This is an EPIC FAILURE. I am so hating this freaking wicked expensive BRICK of a phone right now. Its USELESS.  I cannot get Bixby to work either. Samsung sucks.


😵😕😧😤👎👎👎💩💩💩💩💩Since update my S8+ is having serious connectivity issues; vacillating randomly between Roaming and useless 3G when it should be drawing clear signals from Mars. Then, it tells me that I should NOT turn on my Roaming when I have NEVER, in over a year, touched that setting. It destroyed all my accessibility ♿ settings, disabling my carefully organized theme and phone settings chosen FROM THE SAMSUNG GALAXY store making everything impossible to read or navigate. And now it is randomly disconnecting my hotspot, (ironically as I try to reach this site from a separate phone) and refuses to allow streaming and hot spot to work simultaneously. Wtfe. I have reached out to Samsung in Twitter only to be summarily dismissed without a shred of assistance. This update is a real albatross and Samsung needs to fix it or provide an easy one touch solution for all the consumers affected. This is ridiculous.

Poor product compounded by worse customer service.

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