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unknown notification symbol

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what is this notification symbol and what app does it belong too? it's in the top left of the screen20190324_062452.jpg


AndrewL Moderator
@richwoohah: I'm not sure about this one. The triangular icon on the right looks like the standard 'Share' icon however I'm not really able to make out the circular part on the left. Are you able to provide a clearer image in the form of a screenshot and I will look into this further for you.
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hey thanks for taking the time..! all I have is a picture of the other phone, here is a slightly zoomed out version 



TomF Moderator
Thanks for this. The image is still slightly blurry, so it's difficult to say! It could be a third party app. Try popping your phone in Safe Mode and seeing if it disappears. To do this, power your phone completely off and turn it back on again. As soon as it starts turning on, press and hold the Volume Down button, until you’re back to your home screen. Safe Mode will be displayed in the bottom left-hand corner.
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cheers, I'd really like to know what the app is also if anyone has any ideas

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