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I've an s8 plus and struggling to get a ringtone to stick regardless of whether I use the stock ringtones or one of my own it constantly resets itself to default option.

Any ideas?


Hi @Tee.

Could you give us a little more info on this? 

When does this usually reset after you've set your ringtone? 
Is this after using a certain app, or do you reboot the phone? 

Which ringtone are you trying to set/ where did you get this from? 

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The ringtones are stock. I unfortunately don't know what changes it or when as I only notice when it rings! I then notice the ringtone has changed from whatever I've set it as to default so I can't say exactly ( I know I know not helpful).
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Hi @Tee.


Any joy on this since you posted? If not, is your phone definitely in Standard mode (Settings > Display > Easy Mode, and check that Standard mode is enabled)? And were you trying to set it by Settings > Sounds and Vibration > Ringtone > (select your ringtone) > Home icon?


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