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smart switch not transferring photos

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Hey all


I've made the switch to a Samsung s8 from my previously owned iPhone 6. However, I'm struggling with one process.



I'm trying to smart switch all of my photos and videos across (via cable and wirelessly) but it just doesn't seem to be working. It moves across my messages, contacts at but only transfers 5mb of photos when I have 10gb worth.


I've been endlessly backing up everything to iCloud and it isn't working. I've tried quite a few times with no avail.


Any ideas?


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Superuser I

When I moved from my iPhone 6 Plus to the Samsung s7 edge I opted to use Dropbox. 


And for some things email. 

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I have so many photos and videos I was really hoping for a simpler fix:(

Just move the photos from your iPhone 6 to your computer with iTunes, then copy the photos to your Samsung S8 phone directly. If the Samsung smart switch tool doesn't support iPhone 6, you can use a similar mobile transfer tool like MobiKin switch tool, it can support to transfer photos from iPhone to Samsung phone.


To transfer photos from Samsung phone to iPhone, I think you can save the old phone data on the computer or the Cloud storage, and then sync the wanted photos on the new phone. For instance, download Google photo on your old phone, and upload the photos on your Google account, and then you can keep these photos all the time, but you need to remember the account and password. Open up Google photo on new phone, and sign in your Google account, the photos will sync automatically.


About smart switch not transferring photos, maybe you can try phone transfer program to help you transfer photos from iphone to Samsung S8. After connecting both of them to computer via usb cables, start the program. A short time scanning later, you can do the photos transfer between them. 

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