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samsung support (or not)

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I require some advice after an experience I have recently had with the Samsung support centre.


I recently returned a Samsung s7 edge to the support centre due to the phone getting extremely hot, they were very helpful when I spoke to them and booked in the phone for repair quickly. The phone was collected the next day, a few days later I had an email from product liaison saying that there was no issue with my device and it had passed all tests and a quote would be provided for the damaged screen. (When the phone overheated I picked it up and it was untouchable and dropped the device causing cracking on the screen)


I sent an email to product liaison 2 days later asking if there was any progress on my quote being generated I had a reply 3 days later saying they had contacted the service centre and asked for the quote to be sent. 2 days after that still no sign of a quote so I emailed again asking for the quote and they replied saying it was a priority and they would resend it. No email arrived. the next day I had a message from ups saying that my phone would be delivered the next working day, I was a little confused by this as I still had no quote so I called Samsung and asked what had happened, they said they did not really know if the device had been repaired or not and just to see what arrived.  


The phone arrived back with a letter and the charger but still with the broken screen. The letter read 


'Thank you for sending your mobile phone to us.


We recently contacted you with a quote detailing the cost of repairs needed to fix your phone, as these are not covered by the manufactures warranty. As you have told us you would prefer not to pay for the repair, we are returning the device un-repaired.'


This letter left me totally disgusted with the service that I had received, after hours and hours of emailing and calling they send me a letter saying that I had asked for the device to be returned. It shocks me that such a big company can be so unprofessional and un-truthful on so many separate occasions.


I contacted Samsung after receiving the letter they said they did not have any details of the case and transferred me to the sub contracted service shop who whilst being very helpful could not do allot but give me the facts however they did tell me that no quote was ever sent out.


I have been told that the product did not overheat, I find it very difficult to believe that a company that can’t send a quote out after several reminders can define what did and did not happen with my device when it was in my possession. 


The last time I spoke to Samsung they said the phone had been through the relevant passageways and there was nothing more they could do. 


If anyone from Samsung is reading this for further information my ref is 41********


Thanks for any help that may be provided



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I'm not surprised your unimpressed with those sequence of events.

I've owned a s7 edge previously and found the cooling system inside to be adequate.

Do you have a Samsung Experience Store, Samsung Service Location or Carphone Warehouse {if relevant where you are}, as these can typically replace the screen and apply any applicable costing.

A Carphone Warehouse replaced my s7 edge screen after it developed the well known pink line.

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there is no samsung locations closer that 80 miles unfortunatley 


its more the principle than anything my phone has been out of action for 3 weeks and i am back in the exact same place i started with them saying it is my fault.


i had never had an issue with heat before (after owning the phone about a year) but there certainley was an issue in the occasion.

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