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samsung s8 screen become discoloured and the phone becomes hot

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I have my s8 for almost 2 years but recently, the screen started to discoloured (become faded and you can a lot of horizontal lines unless you put the max brightness) and the device will become hot. I need to switch the phone off and let it cool down but after several hours, the screen will become discoloured and hot again. 


i tried putting it in recovery mode and soft reset but it doesnt seem to be working. does it mean that something is wrong with the hardware?



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Superuser I

Your best course of action I feel would be to take the phone to a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre.


Assuming it's not been dropped or had water damage.



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My Galaxy S8 started to become hot after I installed a VPN app which also zapped my battery. I uninstalled the VPN app and phone is back to normal. My screen does dim occasionally for no reason for which I have to restart the phone to sort it.

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