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s7 camera lens broken

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my camera lens has broken for no reason its not been dropped and is in a protectice case.  Has anyone else had problems

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Superuser I

Have you insurance? if not take it to a Samsung shop to get a quote for a repair I totally understand where you are coming from but unless Samsung have said there was an issue with a part they normally don't repair it for free under the warranty. :( 

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He all,

looking on the web and a post on here, i gather samsung will not repair a broken camera lens under warranty.  There looks to be quite a few instances of the lens breaking on the S7.  I too have had the lens shatter with cracks running from the centre of the lens outwards, you need to drop the phone with great precision to hit just that spot to break it. My phone was on the table, one minute the lens was fine, the next it was broken and the phone hadn't even been handled when the lens shattered, its annoying !

Has any one any idea how much samsung charge for this repair ?

Regards Mark

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