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"Messages has stopped" Error on Samsung J3




My mum has the Samsung J3 and her phone has suddenly stopped her being able to access the SMS Messages app.  I have tried going through the contacts list to send a message, but the error message still comes up.  I have cleared the cache and the data in the app and this hasn't worked either. I've gone into safe mode to see if it is there are any background apps causing the problem, and it is still showing the error message. 


Does anyone have any other ideas or solutions that can help? 



AntS Moderator

Hi @Lauren88x


I'm guessing that she was using the stock Messages app on her phone rather than a third-party messages app.


If you've cleared the data and cache from the app, followed by a reboot of the phone, and the error message is still showing you could try the below:


1. Turn your device off, if it isn't off already.
2. Once the device is off, hold the volume uphome and power buttons at the same time for 10 seconds. Keep holding the buttons until you see a Samsung Logo.
3. Using the volume down button, scroll down to 'wipe cache partition'.
4. Press the power button.


Also, it's worth checking that the phone's software (both firmware and apps) is fully up to date.


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Hi AntS,
I've tried doing this and it has not worked. Is there anything else you can recommend? If not, do you know of any other apps that we can use in the meantime, as she hasn't been able to send or receive text messages.
AntS Moderator

No worries, @Lauren88x.


The next steps would be the more drastic option of a data backup and factory reset.


As an offical Samsung bod I'm a bit limited in what I can recommend as far as third-party apps are concerned. But I do know other Samsung users have said they use apps such as Textra and QKMS as alternatives to the stock Messages app.


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