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please enable adoptable storage

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I have a J5 (J500-FN, 2015). It is **very** frustrating to use as it has so little memory.  Only 8GB, but from that take away Android, and the apps (e.g. MS Word, MS Excel) it comes with, leaves very little.


Every day, software updates fail as there is not enough memory, so I have to delete stuff to make room.


There is no room for new apps, or offline maps


The phone has a 64GB memory card, but almost no apps will use it - so the phone's memory is full, while the sd-card is almost empty. And even if an app will use it, when it updates, it moves it back to the main memory.


Please, please enable adoptable storage. (This is an Android option that Samsung removed. It allows you to use an sd-card as the main menory, not the phones internal memory. Its not clear why Samsung removed it, possibly because it makes the phone slower, or because it makes the phone more upgradable)


Let it be my decision to use adoptable storage, not yours!


I don't mind if the phone is a little slow.


I do mind if it has so little memory, I cannot install the apps and off-line maps I want.


Its a shame, as apart from this very serious flaw, everything else about the phone is excellent. Screen 10/10. Speed 10/10, Camera 8/10, Memory 0/10


Given the very frustrating experience of owning this phone, I would not recommend Samsung.  Rather I would choose a  manufacturer that lets you use adoptable storage, and provides timely android updates (my phone is still on 6.0.1)

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You can flash custom ROMS to enable this option. But this will make you lose warranty and support options.

The J5 devices are made for basic use that is why the pricing is so attractive. Also 3rd party apps decide themself if they want SD card support or not.

You should check for "Disabling" apps which can't be deleted this will also save memory. Also scan you file manager for unused data.

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The adoptable option does appear to be reserved for flagship phones Unfortunatley for reasons that Samsung have that we'll never know. 


That said even some stock apps will not move across to the Sd Card. 


Yes 8Gb internal storage minus the Os etc would leave only around 6Gb which isn't alot. 


People find themselves constantly micro-managing their available space. 

Deleting calendar entries and notes and emails and texts along with clearing app caches etc. 


When I'm discussing phone choice options with people I always advise to get the biggest option available i.e not choose one below 32gb if possible as even 16Gb isn't alot nowadays.


Wether Samsung will bring in adoptable options for your phone in the future is any ones guess. 


Although not what you would possibly want to hear but it could be an option to sell your phone and choose another option more suitable for your needs. 

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