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music stops playing s7 edge

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Hi All


when im using my phone to listen to music it randomly stops playback ive experience this on bluetooth in my car headphone when walking and even outloud when in the house, any suggestions or fixes would be much appreciated.





Hey @jamie1234.

Can you confirm the current software version of your phone? 

Where are you playing this music from? Is this a third party app or the default music app? Also, where did you download the music from? 

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It says android version 7.0 and from the default music app and i used the music from my ituens when i got the new phone

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We'd like to test if this is an app issue.


Could you try listening to a sound file that you have recorded on your Phone. Also, try listening to music using a third party app to see if it happens on all formats. 


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for the last 2 weeks i have been using spotify and the music still stops perriodically when listening to music, still occuring on both headphones and bluetooth speekers 

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