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lame phones

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i have approx. 7 or 8 samsung devices. Samsung is my go to. i trust samsung.

anyway, my problem is i get bored and start playing with security codes. Yes i am tech illiterate. Not stupid just not educated on the subject. ok, my problem; several have shattered screens, a couple i locked the screen and couldnt get back i have factory data reset and of course ditzy me cant remember the address much less the password. the kiosk's at walmart will allow no value. i want a new phone and cant  believe there is no way these un usable phones cant net me the funds to purchase 1 more phone and allow the others to be refurbished for the needy. what do i do before i have to inform my tech smart sons that mom has done it again.


p.s. im not even allowed (lol) on boys (26&29) say i take things too literal.



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I'm in the UK @w_l_ and some companies buy phones as non working models but the monetary return on these is low. 


Maybe learn a little more on what your a activities will do to a phone so your aware on how to remedy an issue. 


That or use Launchers like Nova Prime etc so that you can further customise the phone and become less bored. 



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